Cris Cain Releases Masterpiece Single ‘Summon The Demon’




If there’s one thing that’s always inspired Cris Cain to work to his best, it’s his belief in God and his determination to make a positive difference for other people. And so, in line with this, it’s hard to refute that his music is exceptionally powerful and impressive, something that has helped establish him as an up and coming artist in the music scene.

Cris Cain’s latest single ‘Summon the Demon’ is loud, bold, and hard-hitting, and this is undeniably making a strong mark on his career overall. His passion for music and his amazing talent have helped establish him as one of the most exciting names – undoubtedly one to watch.

Cris Cain’s childhood wasn’t always easy, but the trials and tribulations he has faced in life have helped shape who he is today. His time in prison at the age of fourteen further solidified his determination to make a difference for other people facing similar challenges to him, and he has worked tirelessly ever since to make himself known.

Since partnering with two independent rappers, Cris’s unique perspective has helped shape his career - further heightened by his own burdens and the traumas he has experienced in life. Nonetheless, his passion – coupled with the unique strength he has built over the years – has no doubt given him the strong foundation needed to build a burning career and inspire others listening to his music to do the same.

There’s something truly enrapturing about Cain’s music, and his ability to switch genres and styles at will has further helped make his name an icon in the modern music world. So, we’ll be watching with great interest to see how things develop for this exceptionally talented individual.