LVX Triumphantly Returns with a Pivotal New Single "...Dancing with the Devil"


LVX, pronounced as LUX, has unveiled her latest single, "...Dancing with the Devil." The title of this alternative rock track is inspired by the age-old saying, "you can't complain your feet hurt when you're dancing with the Devil," a sentiment that resonates with the core message of the song. The track discusses reclaiming one's strength in a toxic environment, emphasizing that the most challenging part of the healing process is taking responsibility.

"I feel we as people don’t like to talk about the part we play in things. I feel like we’re too afraid to do shadow work and look deep into why we accept less than what we deserve or why we always end up in toxic cycles and trauma bonds. I think it’s important that after a breakup you sit with yourself and heal any inner wounds you have so that you notice those red flags and you don’t attract that type of person again,” she explains, “and that’s exactly what I did.”

"...Dancing with the Devil" is a lyrical display of LVX’s emotional openness, as she candidly discusses the experience of being caught in a trauma bond. Musically, the track features nuances of British rock and evokes a 2014 Tumblr vibe. “I was listening to a lot of The 1975, Arctic Monkeys, and Basement at the time Basement’s colourmeinkindness especially was on repeat non-stop when I was writing this song and healing. It definitely influenced my sound, especially the guitar tones I wanted,” she adds, “I linked up with my guitarist Frankie Metalz and he completely shredded on the song. He took what I originally created and filled in all the gaps. It was like musical telepathy. We literally finished the song in like an hour. It was perfect.”

LVX began her musical journey by penning poems, which later evolved into songs when she took up the guitar at 13. "I was going through a lot at the time losing a parent and always feeling like the black sheep of the family. Rock music was my escape and writing it was my therapy.” She honed her unique sound by blending elements of early 2000s emo with 2014 Tumblr music, which led to her debut single "Reckless" gaining traction on independent radio stations.

LVX is in the final stages of completing her forthcoming EP, Long Live the Problem Child, slated for release in the coming year. "I’m super excited for '...Dancing with the Devil' to be released. It's one of my all-time favorite songs on my upcoming EP and one of my favorite songs I’ve written in general. I’m incredibly proud of what I created and I can’t wait for you all to hear it.”

Citing her major musical influences, LVX lists artists like Taking Back Sunday, Paramore, Fall Out Boy, The 1975, Movements, Citizen, The Story So Far, Green Day, Billie Eilish, Arctic Monkeys, Nirvana, and Basement.